• Bryden's Avenue, Brittons Hill, St. Michael, Barbados
  • 1 (246) 417-6760


Ps. Anthony Hall

Executive Secretary

Ps. Terence Haynes


Sis. Valrica Harrison-Dottin

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the operating and policy setting committee for the East Caribbean Conference between constituency meetings. The committee selected to serve the next four years is made up of the following persons from both Barbados and Dominica. The Selected Committee is as follows:

Barbados: Pastor Jason Peters, Pastor Jamiel Blackman, Corey Chadderton, Roger Cummins, Natalie Greaves, Janis Applewhaite, Kimberley Forte, Wayne Morgan

Dominica: Pastor Collin Bacchus, Pastor Lester Joseph, Kendell Barrie, Alcess Letang, Franklyn Maglorie, Michelle Robinson

Non-Office Employee: Nicholas Bedford

School Board Committee

The School Board Committee is responsible for the operation of our schools on the islands of Barbados and Dominica.

Island Development Committee

The Island Development Committee (IDC) is responsible for the island development projects for church buildings and other projects on the islands of Barbados and Dominica.